Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 3 Weigh-In

Last night I got a visit from mother nature. Something that I haven't had in over a year. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy about that. At least breastfeeding for 4 months held it off for a little longer. You always have to look at the bright side, right!? So, my body is retaining water and I was sure that I would see a gain from the 5 lb loss that I saw the other day. Today I got on the scale and it said 283, so up 1 lb from that day. I'll take it though! It could be way worse! So, that means I'm down 17 lbs altogether so far! For only three weeks I'm still way excited about that!

In the past whenever I get my monthly visitor, I always have used it as an excuse to binge. To eat as much crap as I wanted. Chocolate being one of the things that I crave the worse. I noticed yesterday that I was really wanting some chocolate really bad. So, I had a 100 calorie oreo bar and that did the trick for a bit. But then at night I was really having that urge again. But, I just went to bed instead. That's a good trick that I like to use a lot. If I'm hungry at night, instead of eating something I just go to sleep instead. My body will be just fine without it, so why torture myself while being awake, just go to sleep! I won't be doing anything differently because I have pms right now, I even got up this morning and did a workout dvd. I'm determined to not let this slow things down for me. And hopefully next week I'll see a big loss since I'm retaining water right now. Like I said, you always have to look at the bright side!

17 lbs gone, hopefully I'll see the 270's next week!

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Bella said...

I like that - just go to sleep. And I am impressed with the loss.