Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12/11 Food

low fat granola with milk: 8 pts
banana: 2 pts
light babybel cheese: 1 pt
small bagel sandwich: 3 pts
fat free hot chocolate: 0 pts
progresso light new england clam chowder: 4 pts (the can says it's 1 point for a serving, in the can there are two servings, so I thought it would be 2 pts, but when I calculated it, it says that it's really 4, whatever!)
chicken & black bean burrito: 12 pts
extra black beans: 4 pts

total points: 34

water: 2.5 liters

exercise: 1 hour aerobics class


The American Homemaker said...

How many points are you allowed during a day? I'm sure you've posted it somewhere but I'm too lazy to look. LOL

I looked up for me and it said only 24... I think I would die :(

Kim said...

35 points right now. I started at 36.

The American Homemaker said...

that's good... Mine showed 24 then 23 then 22 and I just laughed! No weight watchers for me! I need food!

Kim said...

You are about the size that I'd be perfectly happy being though! So, in my eyes you don't need to lose weight at all!