Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Plan To Succeed!

I was reading a Weight Watchers article online today and it has questions that you should answer about how you'll feel or what you'll wear when you are successful in your weight loss and achieve your goals. So, I thought I'd answer those questions here today.

What can you see yourself wearing? I'd love to wear something like this to church!What kind of colors do you see? Are they different from what you’re wearing now?
I don't currently limit myself to colors. I like color and I don't really care what other people think about me in other colors, so I think I'd be wearing the same colors as I do now, just more options!

How do you seem to feel? I'm sure I'll feel a lot better physically then I do right now. I'll be able to move around easier. Be able to walk without pain in my knees. Be able to jog/run! I'll be able to feel my bones, which are currently hiding under a layer or two of fat. And I'm sure I'll like the way that I look a lot better.

Just how slim are you? Can you translate that energetic, slim person to a target weight? My ultimate goal is to lose 150 lbs. So, half of my weight. I started out at 300 lbs and would love to be 150 lbs. I don't really have a desire to be super skinny, just healthy and fit. My first goal is to lose 50 lbs by May 31st and then I'd like to lose another 50 lbs this year. Then I'll keep going for that last 50 lbs into next year. I know it will take a while to do this, but I'm fully committed.

What will be the key to your own weight loss? I've never previously exercised while losing weight. Not seriously at least. So, I think that being active and getting exercise pretty regularly will be a big key to my weight loss. I also think that writing down every little thing that I eat and sharing it on here will be a big part of my success. I also think that having the support that I've had will be a big factor in my weight loss. Having friends that are following along in my journey and that will be there to motivate me when I need it most.

How will your life have changed? What will your new perspective be? What new routines will you have? I'll still be the same me, I'll always be Kim. But, I'll just be a healthier me. My life won't be about food, I won't live to eat like I was before, I'll eat to live. I'll use it as fuel for my body, that I'll use to be a lot more active person. I'll live a longer life, without diseases that obesity causes.

What will your Tips be? Don't be afraid to change. If I can do this, anyone can!

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The American Homemaker said...

You're doing so great :)

And I love that goal dress!