Monday, January 10, 2011


This morning I went to the aerobics class again. This time I didn't use the step, I think I was kind of crazy to be using that step the very first time I went, after 9 years of not going to any type of exercise class. Everyone was kind of looking at me like I was crazy for not using it. But I know that I would end up killing myself on those things. Heck, even without the step I still couldn't keep up and didn't know all of the steps they were doing. I'll get it, but like I said, it might just take me a month or two. And I'm thinking that I'll probably be able to start using the step after about 50 lbs or more gone. I'm just too heavy for my knees to be doing that right now.

After the class I came home and got ready to leave again. My husband's father is in the hospital right now, so we went to go visit him. He's got blood clots in his liver and the doctors are saying that he probably won't live more than a year. Probably less if the clots get into his lungs. I'm not sure what they're going to try to do for him. He's 74, overweight, has major health problems. Most of which came from him being overweight. I don't want to end up like that. 74 isn't that old, I don't want to die when I'm 74, let alone earlier. Which is a main reason that I'm losing this weight. I want to be around for my kids and family. I want to be able to play with my kids on the floor or go ride bikes with them. Do things that moms should be able to do. I don't want to be limited by my weight any longer. And I especially don't want my weight to be the reason for me dieing.

After the hospital we went to Red Robin. Before I even left I checked out their website and decided what I would eat. I didn't have time this morning to eat anything for breakfast, so my first meal of the day was a chicken, bacon, guacamole sandwich without cheese or mayo. I also swapped out the fries for cantaloupe pieces. Good choice if you ask me! I originally wasn't going to eat the bacon, but since I didn't eat breakfast I ate it, I'm okay with that though. I previously would go to Red Robin and eat all of the fries plus a basket or two more shared between the family. That's a lot of fat and calories, not to mention the fry sauce that they serve with all of those fries! And I would just eat it without really thinking twice. It tasted good, so that's what I went with. I was completely satisfied with what I ate today and it's actually almost 7:30pm right now and I haven't been hungry since. I'm happy that I can go to a restaurant and not feel deprived. It was a good feeling. I like this thing called control! It feels good!


Hailey said...

Good job Kim! Those are really good choices that are hard to make! But that is the lifestyle change that it is all about! Saying you'll never go out to eat again isn't going to happen, but choosing wisely when you're there is what it's all about!! Good job!

The American Homemaker said...

The first time I went to a step class I used the step with the platform things under it. I almost died! I learned my lesson and after that used the step flat on the ground without platforms. I was the only one in the class not raising my step up, but I didn't care! I'm not a cardio person... I suck at cardio and I never really get stronger with it. Throw me in a weight room and I'm fine, but cardio makes me wanna pass out! You're doing awesome!

And you made a very good choice with the eating out :)

Hailey said...

ps kim- the teacher should have told you not to use the step... she should have helped you out a bit!