Friday, January 14, 2011


I had to miss my aerobics class today. :( My oldest son was up all night screaming that his ear hurt, so I had to take him into the doctors this morning. Poor little guy has an ear infection on top of a pretty bad cold. No fun! I'm actually finding that I look forward to my aerobics class and was not too happy that I had to miss it today. Which is something that you probably would never hear me say before. Me, like exercise? ha! I'm hoping that my son is all better come monday as that I can get to the class that day, but if not then I'll for sure be going on wednesday since my husband has that day off and can stay with the kids while I go. I didn't do any exercise yesterday, so I need to for sure do a DVD or something today. Hopefully there won't be too much crying about me changing the channel from cartoons to a workout DVD.

Last night I had some pretty strong urges to want to binge on some chocolate candies. But, I didn't and I'll for sure admit that it wasn't easy to make the right choices in that moment. All I could think about was sitting down with a bag full of chocolate and eating the entire thing. I had 1 pt left for the day and ate my last 1 pt weight watchers chocolate cake instead. *sigh* I guess that's what this lifestyle change is all about, making the right choices. I know I have it in me to do this and I just need to battle with my old habits and choose the right things. I can do it!

I weigh in tomorrow, week two has almost come to an end. I'll be happy if I see even a little bit of a loss. I'm not expecting anything huge like last week. Since last week I lost 11 pounds I'm thinking that 1 pound this week would even be good. But, I'm hoping that next week I'll start on the path of losing at least 2-3 pounds a week. Which will put me at about 10 pounds a month, and that will lead to my goal of losing 50 lbs by May 31st. Until tomorrow...

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