Monday, January 3, 2011


So, I weighed myself again this morning and I'm now at 294, I guess those first five pounds were for real then! So excited that in only two days I've lost 6 pounds! I guess it's easier for me to lose so much in the beginning since I'm so big to begin with. It's amazing how much less I'm eating. I would mindlessly snack on things throughout the day without even realizing it. A cookie here, a handful of chips there. A piece of pie, a slice of cake. All of those things added up to me being as huge as I am! Now that I'm writing everything down that I eat and making better choices, I guess that I have no other choice but to start losing! I have to actually think about it if I do want a treat and then when I have it, I make it count. I savor that treat and make it last a long time. Heck, the fiber bars are my treat now! Those things are pretty good too, I have the Kellogg's ones right now and the one that I have has caramel in it. They are really good and make me feel like I'm cheating! I guess that's a good thing!

Yesterday I wasn't in full control over everything I ate. My husband did make me lunch and dinner because I had a really fussy baby yesterday. Poor little girl had a stuffy nose and didn't want to be put down very much. He even served my plate, so I didn't really have much control over how much he put on my plate. And for me, unfortunately, if you pile it high on my plate I'll eat it all, even if I wasn't really super hungry to begin with. That's just how I am. But, I still feel good about yesterday. No regrets. I counted everything that I ate, as best as I could.

Yesterday I also baked a bunch of potatoes and made two pots of beans. All of which will be incorporated into my meals for this week. So, two days down, onto the third.


The American Homemaker said...

I'm adding a link to your blog into my "Healthy Me" sidebar :)

Kim said...

Sounds good! I can use the accountability!