Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've decided not to weigh myself everyday anymore. It's messing with my head a little too much. I think part of that is due to the fact that I have kind of a crappy scale and I'll step on it one time and it says I weigh one thing and then I'll step on it again and it says something completely different. Sometimes the numbers are 3 lbs + or -. So, I'm going to choose Saturday as my weigh in day, since last Saturday is the last time I weighed in on here. The scale hasn't changed since Saturday, I'm still at 289, so that's why I haven't marked down any other weights. Let's hope I can actually lose a pound or two this week. Maybe my weight will even out this week since I lost so much last week. I don't know. Either way, I've already met my goal of losing 10 lbs this month, so everything is still good!

I'm going to try harder to get in all of my points in each day too. I know that when I went to actual weight watchers meetings years ago, they would say that if you don't eat all of your points in a day it can actually cause your weight loss to stop. Your body will think it's starving, and it will hold on to all of the fat and you won't lose weight because of that. Makes sense to me. I haven't purposely been trying to not eat all of my points, sometimes it's just hard to remember to eat all of them. I'll work harder on that this week.

On another note, we got our new TV set up this morning. My husband has a co-worker that was getting rid of their huge TV, because they wanted to get a newer TV, so we got it for free! It's HUGE! The speakers for the thing are almost as big as the TV! And it has so many spaces to put in other electronics like a DVD player and such that we were actually able to plug in our VCR! Which we haven't been able to use for years now! So, now I have even more workout tapes to choose from! Today I did Tae-Bo and a salsa cardio workout. I didn't get through both of them, but I was for sure tired when I was done! It will be nice to have more options now!

Oh, and my friend Katie has raised $120 so far for the "Get Kim an x-box & kinect" fundraiser! I can't believe that people are supporting me so much and donating their hard-earned money to get me something that will help me exercise even more! Such amazing people! I feel so blessed to have people that care about my health so much that they would do this for me! She has set up a bank account and all donations are being collected through the bank!

If anyone would like to donate, you can write a check and make it out to Katie Cornia, in the memo line write, "Kim Hilder Donation Account". Then mail the check to:

The Bank of Commerce
PO Box X
Shelley, ID 83274

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