Sunday, February 20, 2011

Non-Scale Victories!

Yesterday we went to Texas Roadhouse for my husband's birthday dinner. I can never understand why restaurant booths are so small. You'd think that a good amount of the restaurant's business comes from overweight people. But yet, the booths are so small that they are hard to fit in if you are pretty overweight. I know that a lot of people probably would never think of this. They probably just go ahead and sit down in the booth, not thinking twice about how they'll feel once seated, or if they'll even be able to fit in the booth. But, that's been a concern of mine for quite a long time. Texas Roadhouse is one of the restaurants that I've had issues with in the past. I've previously had to ask the server to please get us a different table because I can't fit in their booths. It's really embarrassing, to say the least. Last night as our hostess was walking us to our table I dreaded it when she headed the way of all of the booths. In my head thinking, I would be so incredibly uncomfortable all dinner. Or that I wouldn't fit in the booth. But, as I sat down I noticed something. I actually fit in the booth, with two inches (which is big for me!) of space between my stomach and the table! I wasn't uncomfortable at all. I was actually really comfortable. I'm so incredibly excited about that and it makes me want to keep going more and more!!

That's not the only non-scale victory that I've had in the past 24 hours though. After making my husband the most delicious cake known to man, we had our servings last night for his birthday and then today I took the leftovers to our neighbor across the street. Goodbye temptations. I'm stronger than you cake! So, it's been a pretty great last couple of days as far as non-scale victories go! I look forward to seeing more in the months to come!


Nikki Lewis said...

Kim... I am so happy for you! Until recently I have never had the problem of not fitting. But when Branden and I went out on our special date and we got to our piano concert I actually said to him "Wow these seats are really small." Because it was a tight squeeze and I was uncomfortable because of it. After getting on the scale yesterday I know why it was such a tight sqeeze. Anyways... I guess I only bring that up because I know now what a big deal this is for you. You're amazing! We will do this together! And that will be our reward. A new wardrobe without the plus sizes. Thanks for inspiring me. Keep at it Kim!

Elizabeth said...

Way to go Kim! As you continue down this path, you will realize there are many other things that will change for the better. Having space between you and the table is a wonderful feeling - it's something to be proud of!

Dawnette and Mark Coltrin said...

Awesome story! I love it!!! I am glad you are able to notice a change. You are doing a great job!!! Love you