Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Time

I'm ready for school to start again!!!!!!!!!!  Please?  My kids are driving me nuts, but I'm trying to keep them entertained.  The next 10 days they have swimming lessons, which is great, since it gets them out of the house and in the water!  That water sure does look nice too! 

Anyway, this weekend was full of summertime parties.  We went to a friend's backyard party on Friday, then we had my 5 year old's birthday party on Saturday afternoon and then Saturday evening we went to yet another backyard party.  Lots of hot dogs and burgers later and this morning on my weigh-in day I managed to stay the same as last week.  All week long the scale was registering at 1 lb lost, even yesterday it said that, then this morning I'm at 276.  sigh.....  So, I'm still at 24 lbs lost I guess.  Not that I'm not trying!  I tried really hard to stay on track at all of those parties and I think I was pretty successful.  I didn't eat even a bite of carb laden foods.  I brought that broccoli slaw to the Friday party and had that with some dill pickles and 1.5 hot dogs that were a little higher in carbs then I would like, but I still stayed under my carbs for the day.  Then Saturday afternoon I stayed away from the chips and cupcakes and stuck with the zero carb sausages that we brought.  Then Saturday evening I ate a burger and a hot link for dinner with some tomato, onion and lettuce.  Not once did I even THINK about cheating.  Oh well.  The body is a funny thing.  I'm sticking my guns though and hoping that since I didn't lose this past week that it will all fall off this week.  Crossing my fingers!!

I'm going to see if my husband will take some pictures of me tonight or tomorrow morning so that I can see the difference.  I can feel it though!  My pants are constantly having to be pulled up!  But, I still can't quite fit into the smaller size yet.  Soon...

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