Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little update

I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth or given up on my way of eating.  I'm still alive and well.  I'm still losing weight and eating low carb.  We're just getting a new roof right now and my internet is sketchy.  It was out for a week but is back to working for right now, even though the roof is still not done....

Today the scale said 269!  Out of the 270s!  Hurray!!  Adios 270s, the next time I want to see a _70 in a weight I want it to say 179!  :)

I had a week or two that my scale didn't move much, but all in all things have been evening out.  I'm down 31 pounds now!  Pretty good for almost 3 months now.  I just hope I can maintain that 10 lb a month average.  I have 69 pounds to lose by March 8th, which is now 7 months and 10 days away.  So, if I keep up the average of 10 lbs a month I'll get there!  Oh, how I'm hoping this will happen, but if it doesn't and I'm still pretty close to my desired goal, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  As long as I'm trying my hardest, that's what matters most.

I had a 2 week trial gym membership while my internet was out.  I went twice.  I hurt my knee the second time, I'm thinking on the elliptical machine.  Dang thing.  I had to stop walking for a few days because of it too.  So, I'm done with the gym, it's just not for me.  But, I did also try aqua zumba, and I really like that!  I've been to that twice and wish I could go more often.

So, things have been going great.  I've had the occasional craving, but I've stayed true to myself and not given into them.  I'm pretty proud of myself for that!

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Roberta said...

We need another update please!