Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's A New Day!

So, I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday night. I'm really glad that I did too. I'm completely excited about starting the new program and using points+ instead of the old points system that I was doing.

I'll no longer be tracking my food here on my blog, because now I'm using eTools, on and it tracks everything for me over there. But, I am tracking, and I am staying on plan. With the new plan all fruits and most veggies are 0 points, plus I now get to have 40 points a day instead of the 34 that I was allowed before.

On a sad note, I did gain some weight since I've last weighed in. I weighed in on Thursday night at 8 pm at 273.8 lbs. So, I gained back almost 8 lbs. But, that was at night, and I never weigh at night, when I'm at home, and I was wearing clothes. I still haven't gotten my new scale in the mail yet, I had to order it on Amazon and it hasn't gotten here yet. But, when I do get it I'll weigh first thing in the morning to get a more accurate weight. Then, I'll let you know how much I really did gain back.

But, I'm excited about having a rejuvenated attitude towards losing this weight. I'm glad that I didn't let myself fall off track for too long. I recognized that things weren't going like they should and I fixed it in a pretty fast manner. Previously I've always pretty easily gotten to that 30 lbs lost mark and that's pretty much where I always stray. And, I saw that happening again and I didn't want that to be my fate this time. So, I'm so thankful that I was able to nip things in the bud and get things rolling again. Maybe I will be able to reach my 50 lb goal by May 31st. Maybe not, but still, I'm on the right track. I'm not trying to lose this weight in a super fast pace, I just want it gone, no matter how long it takes me.

Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends that have helped me so much throughout this past week. Thank you, I love you all.

I'll be weighing in on Thursday at my next WW meeting, but hopefully I'll be able to weigh in at home a bit sooner than that and update things on here then.

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