Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh What A Feeling!!

I went and weighed in at my weight watchers meeting today instead of tomorrow because Todd works late tomorrow and they happened to have an early meeting on Wednesday that I was able to make. So, Todd picked up Brandon from school today while I went to my meeting and I was back in time for him to leave for work. I also snuck in a quick trip to the store for the last few things I needed for Brandon's birthday party on Saturday.

So, the weigh in.... After 5 full days of being on the new points+ program, and having my monthly visitor come visit me, AND having Brandon's birthday yesterday, I weighed in today at.... 267.8 lbs. Now, last week I went at 8pm to weigh in and this week I weighed in at 11:15am, so I'm not sure how accurate those number truly are, but I'll take a 6 lb loss however I can get it! :D

Yesterday for Brandon's birthday we went to a local pizza place that also has an arcade and a big play area for the kids to play in. This place usually means for me: eating at least 4 pieces of supreme pizza, probably ordering some tator tots for the kids, but eating a ton even though they are "for the kids" and then my husband usually wanting to order chicken wings too, which of course I have to eat at least two of those. But, yesterday we got a sausage pizza (Brandon's favorite), with only one topping that cuts the calories quite a bit. And we also ordered a HUGE salad. Which we also got light dressing for. So, I ate tons of salad and 1 1/2 slices of pizza, which I squeezed a lot of the grease out of. Not too shabby. :) Then we brought a cake that I had made for his birthday, which I frosted with cool whip light, so it had less calories and fat then a normal frosting. It was tasty and I ate my fair share of a slice. Then we went to the movies, where I didn't eat one bite of popcorn, I only had a caramel apple lollipop, which is only 2 points+. After the movie we went out for dinner to 5 Guys Burgers, where I'd normally get a bacon cheeseburger, which happens to have 2 patties on it. Instead I got a little bacon burger, only one patty, two slices of bacon and no cheese. I only ate half of the bun and enjoyed my burger a lot! And, the biggest victory for me this week also happened at dinner last night. I'm a HUGE french fry lover, and I only ate 1 fry last night, which I patted all of the grease off of. Only ONE! This is a big deal for me!

By the end of the day, I had eaten 23 points+ more than my normal daily allowance, but the great thing about the points+ plan is that I get an additional 49 points+ each week that I can use whenever I want! So, even though I did eat a lot yesterday, I still stayed within my limits for the day/week. :) I'm calling yesterday a success, and I'm calling these past 5 days a success too!

It's a great feeling to be back on track, and a wonderful feeling to be back in the 260's! I can't wait to weigh in next week. Oh, and the new at home scale still hasn't gotten here, so I'll update my at home weight when it does get here.

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