Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Fresh Start

Where do I begin?  It's May 2012, I had fallen WAY off the wagon for far too long.  I let myself go, yet again.  And I got on the scale last Saturday to see 296 staring back at me.  Wow.  That's all I could think. 

Thankfully, a friend of mine was over and was talking to me about how she has been having great success with her new way of eating.  It got me motivated, and I've officially been Low-Carbing it since Sunday.  So, tomorrow will be a week of only 20 carbs a day.  It's actually quite easy.  Which, is very strange for me.  I'm a carb-o-holic, through and through.  I haven't really craved sugar at all and I could really care less about bread right now.  I'm completely satisfied and actually find myself naturally eating less because eating higher fat and more protein is very filling.  I've found some awesome Low-Carb recipe blogs and have been inspired that I can still have things that I love, just modified versions of them.  Now all I need is to find a sugar-free sugar substitute that I like!

So, thank you Nikki for leading me in the right direction. 

Here's to a new JOURNEY, one without giving in or giving up.  I KNOW that I can do this. 

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